Handle Materials
Presentation Grade Desert Ironwood (PRDI): a magnificent tight-grained tough wood that is beautifully figured.    
Premium Grade Stabilized Elk Stag: Our stag is of the highest quality and is stabilized to prevent moisture from damaging the stag knife handle.  
Ram Horn: Our craftsmen work to bring out the maximum beauty and features from each horn handle to create a true work of art.  
Black MicartaTM: Timeless black beauty combined with extreme toughness, Micarta handles have been a mainstay of high quality cutlery for decades. When fastened to the DiamondBlade knife with colorful mosaic pins and lanyards, the resulting contrast is striking.  
 G-10TM: This tough material is another mainstay in hard-use knives. We finish it with a shot peened surfacing that leaves a “tacky” finish. Secured with mosaic pins and lanyard the effect is a subtle expression of class.   
Suregrip: Made with Santoprene, our 
injection molded handles are tough, 
somewhat “tacky” to the feel and 
impervious to most chemicals. 
Santoprene is a thermoplastic elastomer.
TexaliumTM: An epoxy resin fabric made with an aluminum coated fiber. It is harder than all known fiber materials including carbon and fiberglass. It is safer to use in our manufacturing process than carbon fiber however it is more expensive.

Mosiac Pins and Lanyards: These beautiful pins and lanyards anchor the handles to the full- tang blade. Used primarily in making custom knifes of exceptional quality, these pins and lanyards offer color, contrast, and distinction to any handle.