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Hunting in Africa with a DiamondBlade
Monday, November 11, 2019 at 9:57am


There is no better judge of a knife than a tracker/skinner in South Africa. As experts in skinning thick hided game, they see a higher volume of wild game harvests than anywhere else in the world.
So for my third trip to the continent I took a few DiamondBlade knives for my PH Scot Burchell and his tracker, Mzonga (aka Muzzy). I’d hunted with this duo before and found them to be an incredibly efficient team.
To Scot, I gave the small Alpha knife and to Muzzy I gave the Pinnacle II and the much larger Surge. At the time, both fellas were wearing disposable blade knives from the most notable name in that category. I told them I’d never used a DiamondBlade but that they had a hell of a reputation in the states. Scot and Muzzy love gifts from clients so they swapped the small knives on their belts without so much as a comment about leaving their trusty removeable blade knives behind.


Before we go further, it should be noted that Scot and Muzzy were not just guiding me. I was accompanied by my good friends and US whitetail experts John Hill and Justin Holt and the three of us were about to set off into the most game rich 75,000 acre block of land that I know of. I had no doubt that we’d be harvesting a ton of game between the three of us.

I’m going to go ahead and fast forward to the last day of the hunt when we took a cape buffalo with 5 minutes of light left. Scot and Muzzy teamed up to gut the animal before cutting him in half so we could winch him onto the back of the land cruiser truck. For the more forceful parts of this operation, Muzzy used the Surge, the knife he’d been doing all of our skinning with each night back in camp.


So just how many African animals can you gut and skin without sharpening a DiamondBlade? Using the smaller Pinnacle II and the Alpha for gutting in the field and the Surge for dedicated skinning, here’s our 18-animal list:
Impala x 3
Blesbok x 2
Kudu x 2
Nyala x 1
Warthog x 2
Gemsbok x 2
Ostrich x 1
Red Hartebeest x 2
Blue Wildebeest x 2
Cape Buffalo x 1
When I asked Muzzy what he thought about his new knives compared to the Havalon he    
carried before, he didn’t mention anything about the blade being sharper than the
medical grade scalpels. His response was more profound. “Eees strongah.”
*Side Note* At the end of this hunt I returned to the states for 5 weeks before going right back over to see Scot and Muzzy. I was there to hunt with Scots brother Fred, but I noticed when my friends were in the field with their clients, they were both still wearing their DiamondBlades. They said they did finally sharpen the knives and that the new edge was holding up very well. Fred was all smiles when I reached into my pack and handed him his own Pinnacle II.
Article by: Jason Vincent - Gear Editor 
Sporting Classics Magazine