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DiamondBlade Surge Wins Gray's Best
Monday, February 3, 2020 at 9:39am



When my old friend David Summers pulled me aside at Safari Club International to show off a knife he’d grown to love, I already knew him to be a guy who wasn’t easily impressed.  A professional bear guide and proprietor of Alaska Knife Works in Juneau, Alaska, David is something of a Renaissance man.  And on this topic, in particular, he knows a few things.  But when he told me he’d skinned eight black bears with a DiamondBlade Surge ($299-529) and never once resharpened it, I was a bit skeptical.  Nine deer, five wild hogs and two turkeys later-all without being touched up with a stone or honer-the Surge has erased any doubts I once had about its ability to hold a razor-sharp edge. The Surge has a four-inch fixed blade with six options of pleasantly oversized handles, but the one we suggest is the presentation-grade desert ironwood (PRDI on the website), which has proved to be indestructible and remains ever handsome.  There is some real science behind the unique Friction Forging technology used by DiamondBlade, but I lay no claim to be an expert on the techniques and metallurgy behind it.  For that, you’ll need to visit the company’s website.  But as a hunter who skins a lot of game, I can tell you this-the Surge in my knife roll is as sharp and beautiful today as when I first opened the box.