Sharpening Your Knife
Refurbishing / Sharpening

If you are not comfortable with sharpening your knife yourself you can send it to us at our manufacturing facility for refurbishing. The price is $15.00/knife + $10.00* shipping (6.25% tax added for TX residence). Refurbishing consists of the following four steps:

  1. Bead blasting the surface of the knife to remove discoloration or rust spots (non-coated blades only)
  2. Peening the blade to a satin finish that is easier to clean and scratch resistant (non-coated blades only)
  3. Re-etching the blade
  4. Sharpen the blade to factory specifications

Please go to our Returns page, complete the Customer Return Form and follow the instructions for returning your knife. 

 *limit of 5 knives


When we manufacture the Friction Forged blades, we place approximately a four-degree wedge grind from the blade spine to the edge. Craftsmen place the final edge grind on each blade by hand using a diamond grit belt under a coolant flood to keep the blade cool and protect those high hardness values that are so important to extreme performance. Our final edge grind angle is 18 degrees on all hunting blades. We have found this very thin edge geometry produces a blade that is strong enough for field-dressing duties, exclusive of chopping through bone. Therefore, it is important, vitally important, that when you re-sharpen the knife, you must maintain the same angle our craftsmen established. Because Friction Forging® creates an extra hard and tough edge zone (and thus the superior cutting and sharpness performance characteristics), it will take a special abrasive to sharpen the knife. We recommend that you use either the Norton “Fine India” aluminum oxide stone or any of the better quality diamond hones. A 320 grit will produce a good working edge by creating microscopic serrations that facilitate slice style cutting common in field-dressing applications.