Commander Auto - OD/Black G10

Item #: 00750FG

When you need to take care of business in a hurry, this push button automatic folding knife is a dependable tool by your side. The durable spring, made of 17-4 Stainless Steel* is lightening fast. The open handle with milled holes is lightweight and easy to clean, and the raised area on the spine features gimping for extra traction when bearing down.

*For increased durability and dependability, we use torsion bars rather than coil springs in our Automatics.

We designed our extra heavy duty Torsion Bar spring system in such a manner that no adjusting will ever be needed. The spring is exceedingly strong and robust, and with a simple press of the button the blade opens lightning fast and locks in place. Our unique pattern of cut-outs milled into the handle facilitate a positive grip and further lighten the knife. Each handle edge is radius-finished, providing comfort for prolonged cutting. 

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CategoryCommander Item Number00750FG
SteelFriction Forged® D2 High Carbon Tool Steel Blade Bevel16-18° sharpened bevel
Blade Length3.0" Knife LengthOpen: 8.0" - Closed: 4.650"
Weight3.0 oz. Spine Rc Hardness:42-45
Blade Rc Hardness:65-68
"I LOVE this Knife!"
I DO NOT leave home without my Commander Auto. As a video producer in the outdoor industry I am out in the field a ton, on all sorts of different hunts. I always make sure I have this knife on me. It is light and has a small profile so it fits easily, and comfortably in my back pocket. I love the being able to open this knife with the push of a button, which makes it super easy to deploy with just one hand, which is useful to me as I almost always have a camera in the other hand. The blade is stupid sharp, and cuts through anything I throw at it. It has yet to become dull, which has been a relief as I usually dull blades fairly quickly. Not only does this knife go with me to the field, I carry it with me to the office, around town on errands, and it even stays on my person at home. A good knife is a mans best friend. Do yourself a favor and get you one!

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