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Step into a world where precision meets portability with the Apex—a testament to the craftsmanship of DiamondBlade Knives. Engineered with Friction Forged® Technology Steel, this small discreet gentleman’s knife redefines the essence of an everyday carry (EDC) knife. The Apex seamlessly blends style, functionality, and reliability. Comes with a sleek leather sheath. 


Compact Design for Everyday Carry: The Apex boasts a compact design that perfectly aligns with the demands of everyday life. Small, yet potent, this knife is your reliable companion for all daily adventures.

Versatile 2.3-Inch Blade: Don’t be fooled by its size; the Apex features a 2.3-inch blade crafted for versatility. Whether you’re opening packages, handling daily tasks, or making precise cuts, this knife is up to the challenge.

Low-Profile Sheath or Pocket Carry: Carry the Apex your way. Opt for the beautiful low-profile sheath for added protection or slip it discreetly into your pocket. This knife seamlessly integrates into your lifestyle.

Lock Back Mechanism with Release: Experience the assurance of a lock-back mechanism with a convenient release at the back. The Apex guarantees a secure and controlled cutting experience with its robust action.

Lightweight and Discreet: Weighing a mere two and a half ounces, the Apex is designed for those who prefer a lightweight EDC solution. Whether paired with jeans or a suit, this knife is unobtrusive yet ready for action.


Unleash the potential of the Apex—your trusted companion for everyday adventures, blending style, functionality, and the unmatched precision of Friction Forged® Technology Steel.


Friction Forging®: A Game-Changer

  • Friction Forged® Technology: The Apex proudly features the groundbreaking Friction Forged® Technology Steel, elevating its cutting prowess to unparalleled levels of sharpness and durability.. The Friction Forging® process results in steel grain structures 10x finer than traditional knife manufacturing methods, thereby creating a harder, thinner, tougher razor sharp edge. The DiamondBlade knives will outperform any other knife by 10 times – or better – guaranteed. Read More
  • Holds a shaving edge 10X longer: This revolutionary forging process creates a finer grain structure, leading to a blade that stays 10 times sharper, guaranteed.
  • Non-Brittle: The finer grain structure also makes the blade more resistant to chipping and breaking even at an unprecedented 65-69 Rc hardness.
  • Corrosion-Resistant: The forged zone is resistant to corrosion and rust, ensuring your knife stays reliable for years to come.
  • Easy to Sharpen: Because the blade is ground to a 9 degree (18 degree included) angle, there is less material to remove when sharpening is eventually needed.


Unmatched Quality

  • American-Made Toughness: Every DiamondBlade Knife is made in the USA with American materials, backed by a lifetime warranty.
  • CATRA-Tested Sharpness: Each blade undergoes rigorous testing on a CATRA (Cutlery Allied Trade Research Association) knife sharpness machine to ensure it meets the highest sharpness standards.
  • D2 Tool Steel: This high-quality steel forms the foundation for the patented friction forging process, resulting in an ultra-hard edge (65-69 Rc) with an 18-degree (included) sharpening angle.


Handle Material

  • G-10: Tough as nails material that is a combination of fiberglass fabric and epoxy resin. A synthetic handle that is made to be durable while providing a good non-slip grip that is easy to clean.


Lifetime Warranty

  • Free Lifetime Sharpening: We stand behind our knives! Even a DiamondBlade Knife will eventually need to be sharpened. Simply send your knife to our Texas headquarters, and we’ll professionally resharpen it for free. Learn More
  • Corrosion Resurfacing and Refurbishment: If a complete refurbishment service is needed, our technicians will refurbish your knife to keep it looking and performing like new.
  • If you experience an issue with your knife, simply contact us, and ship to our Texas Headquarters and we will completely repair, or replace your knife. Learn More



  • Maintain the Edge: A few strokes on a ceramic rod on either side will keep your DiamondBlade razor-sharp.
  • Cleaning: Wash with soap and water after use, then follow up with WD-40 or another solvent to clean the blade’s micro grain structure. Wipe dry to prevent rust. This product is not dishwasher safe.



  • Secure and Convenient: Each Apex Knife comes with a sleek American made leather sheath.
Friction Forged® D2
6.28" open 3.7" closed
Lock back
Kydex Lined Leather
Differential heat treat
Drop Point
Handle materials

Presentation Grade Desert Ironwood (PRDI)

A magnificent tight-grained tough wood that is beautifully figured.

Premium Grade Stabilized Elk Stag

Our stag is of the highest quality and is stabilized to prevent moisture from damaging the stag knife handle.


This tough material is another mainstay in hard-use knives. We finish it with a shot peened surfacing that leaves a “tacky” finish. Secured with mosaic pins and lanyard the effect is a subtle expression of class.


This tough material is another mainstay in hard-use knives. We finish it with a shot peened surfacing that leaves a “tacky” finish. Secured with mosaic pins and lanyard the effect is a subtle expression of class.

Suregrip Checkered

Made with Santoprene, our injection molded handles are tough, somewhat “tacky” to the feel and impervious to most chemicals. Santoprene is a thermoplastic elastomer.

Suregrip Smooth

Made with Santoprene, our injection molded handles are tough, somewhat “tacky” to the feel and impervious to most chemicals. Santoprene is a thermoplastic elastomer.

Mosaic Pins and Lanyards

These beautiful pins and lanyards anchor the handles to the full-tang blade. Used primarily in making custom knives of exceptional quality, these pins and lanyards offer color, contrast, and distinction to any handle. Pictured here with G-10 handle material.

Blade shape

Drop Point

Perfect in any situation, but makes field dressing a breeze.

Spear Point
Designed for precision cutting and every day carry tasks.

Clip Point
Scalpel-like knife blade, perfect for detailed delicate work.

With a compact drop point knife, you’ll be finished skinning in no time. 

French Style
Our versatile chef knife is based on the classic French style. It is full tang for good balance and weight and has a slightly curved edge.

This popular Japanese style chef knife features a flat edge and a spine that tapers sharply downward to the tip.

It is the perfect size and shape for precision and control when preparing fruits and vegetables.


1 review for Apex

  1. Mark S. Reglewski

    I have been searching for a pocket knife that is legal in Chicago for years. (It must have a blade no longer than 2.5 inches.) Finding such knives that don’t have a toothpick-narrow blade has been difficult. The ones I have found had blades of inferior steel that did not hold an edge well. This little Apex knife is what I have been looking for. Shaving sharp out of the box. For common tasks like cutting down boxes for the trash, slitting open envelopes, opening packages, cutting rope and string it is a little beast. None of the inferior knives I have settled for in recent years would still be sharp. Even after slicing through rope and cardboard quite a few times, the blade will dry-shave hairs off my arm.

    My search for a good knife with a short blade is over.

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