The “Curve” Model: A Symphony of Curves

The “Curve” Model by DiamondBlade Knives isn’t merely a knife; it’s a sculpted symphony where form meets function in breathtaking harmony. This exquisite piece blends art and functionality to create a truly unique everyday carry knife.

A Masterpiece in Your Hand:

  • Precision Meets Artistry: The handle, meticulously crafted from Grade 5 6AL-4V titanium in a stunning blue anodized finish, features a single, meticulously carved piece of stabilized desert ironwood. This intricate inlay, seamlessly integrated into the curving titanium frame, creates an abstract art piece you can hold in your hand.


Luxury in Every Curve:

  • Ergonomic Design for Comfort: The finely sculpted curves of the handle are mirrored by the ironwood inlay, ensuring a luxuriously comfortable grip. This ergonomic design makes the “Curve” Model a pleasure to use for any cutting task.


Unmatched Performance:

Patented Friction Forged® Steel Blade: At the heart of the “Curve” lies our award-winning Friction Forged® blade. This scientifically proven process guarantees exceptional sharpness and effortless cutting, with a razor-sharp edge that stays that way 10 times longer than competing blades. The versatile spearpoint design ensures this blade tackles any cutting task with ease.

Secure and Smooth Functionality: A button lock and release system ensures a secure lock and buttery smooth operation, while a blade thumb stud provides for easy one-handed opening and closing.


More Than Just a Tool:

The “Curve” Model transcends functionality.  It’s a  conversation starter, a  celebration of artistic design, and a  dependable companion  for your everyday adventures.

Own a piece of sculpted art. Inquire about the “Curve” Model today.

Blade Lock System:
Closed Length:
4.079 in
Open Length:
6.938 in
3.0 oz
Blade Design:
Blade Length:
2.750 in
Blade Width:
0.940 in
Blade Thickness at Spine:
0.080 in
Made in USA
Grade 5 6AL-4V Titanium, Gaboon Ebony Wood, Friction Forged® Blade; Stainless Steel
Handmade and crafted from oiled American leather sheath that rides at a 45-degree angle on belt.


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