The “Pleistocene” Model: Carry a Piece of Prehistory

Imagine holding a tangible connection to the Ice Age. The “Pleistocene” Model by DiamondBlade Knives isn’t just a knife; it’s a portal to the past.

A Unique Blend of Modern and Ancient:

  • Precision-Machined Titanium and Ancient Mammoth Ivory: Our master artisans have intricately combined premium Grade 5 6AL-4V titanium with stabilized, meticulously polished, and fitted ancient mammoth ivory. This one-of-a-kind construction creates a visually stunning and historically significant handle.
  • A Soft Touch of the Past: A subtle light gold anodization on the titanium accents the warm tones of the ancient mammoth ivory, creating a sophisticated and timeless aesthetic.

Unmatched Performance Meets Legacy:

  • Patented Friction Forged® Steel Blade: The heart of this historic piece boasts unmatched performance. Our Friction Forged® knives have won “Best of the Best” multiple times and were featured in “How It’s Made” on the Discovery Channel guarantees exceptional sharpness and effortless cutting. The resulting blade features an ultra-fine steel grain structure, scientifically proven to stay shaving sharp 10 times longer than competitors. The versatile spearpoint design ensures this blade tackles any cutting task with ease.



  • BLADE LOCK SYSTEM: A button lock and release system ensures a secure lock up and buttery smooth open and close operation. The blade’s thumb stud assists in providing a quick and easy open and close action.
  • CLOSED LENGTH: 4.079”
  • OPEN LENGTH: 6.938”
  • WEIGHT: 2.9oz
  • BLADE DESIGN: Spearpoint
  • BLADE LENGTH: 2.750”
  • BLADE WIDTH: .940”
  • ORIGIN: Made in USA.
  • MATERIALS LIST: Grade 5 6AL-4V Titanium; Stabilized ancient Mammoth Ivory; Friction Forged® blade; Stainless Steel.  
  • SHEATH: Handmade and crafted from oiled American leather sheath rides at 45 degrees on belt.

Own a Conversation Starter:

The “Pleistocene” Model is more than just a tool; it’s a conversation starter, a unique collector’s item, and a treasure to be passed down through generations.

Hold history in your hand. Inquire about the “Pleistocene” Model today.

Blade Lock System:
Closed Length:
Open Length:
Blade Design:
Blade Length:
Blade Width:
Blade Thickness at Spine:


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